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Board exams 2019: Students confused whether to enjoy V-day or study for exams

BHOPAL: The Valentine's Day on February 14 has put scholars in a state of dilemma, as they are puzzled whether or not to spend time with their weigh down or study for the upcoming board tests.

No wonder, counsellors are being bombarded with phone calls by way of teens, inquiring for tips to strike a balance between the 2.

Talking to TOI, occupation counsellor Preeti Mathur mentioned that the Valentine week is a significant distraction for children who're searching for tactics to spend time with their weigh down.

Many scholars are frightened that their buddy will get offended if they don't spend time with them on V-J Day, whilst their folks are cajoling them to review.

"It is natural for teens to have a crush. These things seem to be very important in teenage. We cannot stop them from meeting their friends on V-day, so it is better to tell them to understand the importance of exams and hence pay more attention to studies. They are very confused, but we try to tell them to multi-task and make up for lost time after the V-day celebration", she mentioned.

She mentioned that every now and then spending time with shut buddies can turn out to be a motivation for children and asking them to bring to a halt all contacts right through tests will cause them to unsatisfied, thus including to the examination pressure.

Some scholars also are inquiring about necessary questions for tests whilst calling up the CBSE and MP board helplines. Shikha Rastogi, CBSE counsellor in Bhopal, mentioned: "A child called up the CBSE helpline a few days ago and asked me to tell him the important questions for English. When I said that we don't know about it and he should cover the whole syllabus and refer to sample papers, he hung up."

Yet every other counsellor for the MP Board helpline mentioned that children are very much into social media and a few of them pose awkward questions associated with spending time on social media.

The counsellor mentioned, "These days social media is everything for children. After the helpline started, we have come across students who asked if it is okay to spend a few hours on Facebook and Whatsapp to discuss what their friends are studying. We had to tell them repeatedly that they must focus on their preparation and not on what someone else is learning."

The counselor mentioned that children frequently develop into anxious in the event that they lose touch with their buddies, and parents should allow them half-an-hour a couple of times a day to stay involved with their friends.

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