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Bhopal-bound flight delayed by more than two hours

AHMEDABAD: Passengers of a flight to Bhopal from Ahmedabad on Thursday afternoon were installed a repair when the departure of SpiceJet flight, SG-3429 was behind schedule through more than two hours. Sources within the airport mentioned the flight was behind schedule due to extend of an incoming flight from Jaipur.

“The flight was scheduled to leave at 1.45pm however I gained a message from the airline round midday that the flight has been behind schedule and can leave at 3pm. Since I stay near the airport, I left house slightly later to achieve the airport, only to be informed that the flight has been additional behind schedule through any other hour,” mentioned Rashmi Bhanushali, a city-based skilled, who was travelling for a wedding.

“The airline officials did be offering a elementary meal whilst I waited on the airport at the side of other passengers. We were instructed that the incoming flight from Jaipur was behind schedule due to which the next flight to Bhopal was also behind schedule,” Bhanushali mentioned.

As parts of northern India witnessed reasonable rainfall and thundershowers early on Thursday, a number of incoming and subsequent outgoing flights from the Sardar Vallabhbhai International (SVPI) airport also suffered a extend.

Sources on the airport mentioned the arrival of two other flights from Jaipur and Shirdi were behind schedule through more than an hour.

“Parts of Delhi witnessed rainfall and thundershowers due to which certain flights were diverted to Jaipur. Due to this, one of the crucial incoming flights coming at once or indirectly from Jaipur to Ahmedabad were given behind schedule,” mentioned a supply on the city airport.

In reality, top resources also showed that the extend in an incoming flight from Jaipur also resulted in the cancellation of a flight from Ahmedabad to Shirdi.

Srinagar snow fall causes cancellation of inbound flight to Ahmedabad

As climate prerequisites worsened in Srinagar with heavy snow fall, the incoming flight from Srinagar to Ahmedabad was cancelled for the second one day in a row due to deficient visibility. SpiceJet flight, SG-739 from Ahmedabad to Srinagar needed to be cancelled.

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