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Bennett University students to get life lessons from Sadhguru

Bennett University, Greater Noida, is all set to host Sadhguru on February 7 for a session of Youth and Truth – Unplug with Sadhguru. The marketing campaign is a platform for younger folks to ask questions for which they by no means discovered answers, and for embracing the truths of existence. In Sadhguru’s phrases, “Truth not throughout the seriousness of a gospel, but with the playfulness of gossip.” Preparations are on in complete swing at Bennett with student volunteers circulating messages and movies of the Youth and Truth Campaign on Whatsapp and Instagram.

“It is hard to persuade folks to ask questions about one thing they feel is a taboo. Through the messages and movies, we've been able to get folks to ask their questions with out hesitation,” says Tanvi Mishra, a second-year mass communication student, accountable for communication amongst scholars.

For some volunteers, it is usually a possibility to brush up their management talents. “For me, this is not simply an event. I feel it is a nice alternative for us to ask questions and take in the knowledge Sadhguru has to provide. Being part of the establishing team, the event has also taught me much about teamwork, planning, timing and creativity, and has disciplined me as a person, “ says Prateek Soni, a third-year BTech student and the University Student Council President.

Keeping the mood amusing for the scholars and their interest alive, the campus is celebrating this week as Youth and Truth Week. It can have scholars staging nukkad nataks, except collaborating in yoga and meditation workshops.

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