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Around 350 dogs feature in Madurai dog shows

MADURAI: Around 350 canines – from across Tamil Nadu – are collaborating in two dog shows organised through Madurai Canine Club right here on Sunday.

The shows that were being organised at Gandhi Museum are the 31st and 32nd All Breeds Championship Dog Shows and in addition an unique show for the native breeds. The show for native breeds was once being organised through Native Dog Breeds Speciality Club – Coimbatore Chapter.

As many as 30 breeds together with Indian breeds like Kombai, Rajapalayam, Chippiparai, Kanni and Chippiparai and overseas breeds like Afghan hound, fox terrier, German shepherd, Doberman, bull mastiff and others competed within the show.

International experts David A Ojalvo from Argentina and Marie Patten from Australia were judging the overseas breeds while T Preetham from Bengaluru was once judging Indian breeds.

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