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Area dirty? New marshals may be fined Rs 1,000

MUMBAI: The BMC's plan to usher in new clean-up marshal agencies into the machine may also see a tightening of laws. This decision follows the slew of proceedings in opposition to marshals when the scheme was once presented the ultimate time.

In a proposal to be tabled sooner than the civic status committee assembly on Wednesday, the BMC's solid waste management division has proposed 30 clean-up marshals in every of the 24 wards as soon as once more.

The earlier contract had expired over a year ago and the BMC had given the agencies an extension.

Under the new laws, although, if a marshal's designated space is located to be grimy, he will be fined Rs 1,000 every time. Also, if a marshal is located without uniform, he will be fined Rs 1,000.

Clean-up marshals can wonderful citizens for spitting, defecating or littering in public places, however these days there are not any assessments and balances on the marshals themselves.

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