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AP: Lorry drags bike for 3km, 3 students killed

VISAKHAPATNAM: Three youngsters riding a motorbike confronted a horrific death on Tuesday when a cement-laden lorry dragged their motorbike for Three-km after knocking them down at Dharmavaram Agraharam junction within the city. Police, who showed that lorry driving force Sheik Yakub Pasha used to be drunk when he rode his heavy car directly to the trio, alternatively, said Pasha had no clue concerning the motorbike getting stuck within the lorry’s entrance bumper.

The affect of the coincidence left the youngsters’ bodies mangled and defaced. The lorry came to a screeching halt on the nationwide freeway between Purushottampuram and Pulavarthi villages after locals raised a hue and cry and freeway patrol chased it for Three-km.

‘Driver feared lynching, so didn’t forestall’

Police officials said the breathalyzer registered a reading of 250 mg/100 ml, indicating that Pasha used to be prime on liquor. “He didn't forestall the lorry even after hitting the motorists. The locals chased the lorry and alerted the freeway patrol who stuck up with him after a Three-km chase,” Nakkapalli police CI Vijay Kumar told TOI.

The three youngsters were close pals from Dharmavaram Agraharam village in S Rayavaram mandal and pursuing Intermediate first year in Aditya Educational Institutions at Addu Road. The deceased were identified as Royyi Naveen, K Karthik and K Durga Prasad Sai alias Pandu.

Locals said the lorry rammed the motorbike when it used to be crossing the street at Dharmavaram junction where commuters negotiate a pointy curve. The lorry first hit Naveen, who died on the spot, while pillion-rider Prasad used to be dragged for more than half a km. Karthik, who used to be riding the motorbike, used to be trapped under the bumper and dragged for three km. The cement lorry, bearing Krishna district registration, used to be heading to the port city from Tuni.

Sub-inspector of S Rayavaram K Dhanunjaya told NewsTread that Pasha didn't understand the motorcycle stuck under the bumper. “He won't have heard the sound of the motorbike being dragged as the lorry engine sound may be very loud while in movement,” he said. However, locals said the driver didn't forestall as he feared he can be lynched by way of angry mobs as the lorry kept dragging the motorbike.

Pasha used to be taken into custody, while the trio’s bodies were sent for an autopsy.

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