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Ahmedabad: Husband arrested for 'unnatural sex'

AHMEDABAD: A 30-year-old lady has lodged an FIR with the lady police station towards her husband for "subjecting her to unnatural sex". The lady has alleged that her husband used to drive her to put on a burqa, which she had objected to.

According to the FIR, the lady had her second marriage with the accused, who also got married for the second one time. “The lady had a daughter from her first marriage which she had carried to her second husband’s house along with her. However, they developed variations and got separated about seven months in the past. The lady now lives at her parental house,” stated a senior lady police reputable.

Sub-inspector Rina Bodat of the lady police station stated that the lady runs a saloon. “Her husband used to drive her to put on a burqa whilst going to work. The complainant objected to it. We have verified the allegations made through the lady and feature arrested the 47-year-old husband,” added Bodat.

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