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80-yr-old man, wife die in cylinder blast near Pollachi

Coimbatore: An 80-year-old guy and his wife had been killed in a LPG cylinder blast at their area at Thirumalai Garden in Rasakkapalayam close to Pollachi on Tuesday. Unidentified persons set timber on fire on a vacant land close to the home and it unfold to the home and led to the blast, police said.

Police identified the deceased as K Shanmugavadivel, a retired school headmaster, and S Krishnaveni, 60. “The couple had been living with their mentally challenged daughter Lakshmi Devi, 45, in the home. It had tiled roof, but coated with thatched coconut leaves. On Tuesday night, when the couple had been inside the home and Devi was sitting outisde, the thatched leaves caught fire and due to the heat produced by way of the hearth, the LPG cyclinder inside the home went off,” said an investigating officer.

“Shanmugavadivel, who lost his vision in each eyes, and Krishnaveni, who could no longer stroll, died in the blast. The area was utterly broken,” the officer said. Fire and rescue provider team of workers from Pollachi reached the spot and doused the blaze after an hour.

Police said some miscreants torched timber on a vacant land close to the home. Fire unfold from timber to the home. Police recovered the bodies and despatched them to the Pollachi Government Hospital for postmortem.

The Mahalingapuram police have registered a case and further investigation is on.

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