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53,000 farmers to get soil health cards soon

COIMBATORE: The agriculture division would quickly distribute ‘soil health cards’ to 53,162 farmers around the district. The cards would contain all necessary information of the soil in a farmer’s land such as nutrient content, chemical properties, advisable crops and diet inputs wanted. This would assist farmers use fertilizers in an educated and judicial means and cut back expense and enhance soil quality, an legit said.
The cards would be given under the initiative titled ‘Mission on Soil Health Card’, under the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture.

Officials said that they had divided the lands under cultivation into grids and collected samples. They have accrued one kilogram of soil pattern according to 2.5hectare for irrigated land and one pattern according to 10hectare of rain-fed land.

The samples thus accrued by means of assistant agricultural officers (AAO) have been dropped at the soil trying out laboratory at the district agriculture division workplace on Thadagam Road and have been subjected to various exams to evaluate the soil’s nutrient content, pH and electrical conductivity, among different properties.

Deputy director of agriculture (central schemes), Coimbatore, Tom P Silas said according to the results of the exams and the most popular crops of the farmer, the dep. officials would recommend the fertilizers and diet inputs.

“The suggestions would assist farmers judiciously make a selection fertilizers and nutrients they use and sooner or later cut back their bills,” he said. There is a bent among farmers to use fertilizers indiscriminately, which sooner or later lead to the depletion of soil health, he added.

In addition to lowering farmers’ bills, soil health cards would, by means of ensuring suitable use of fertilizers, make certain that the soil health is also maintained, he said. “We measure the content of organic carbon in the soil. Organic carbon would be present only if there is microbial job in the soil. Over-use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides would do away with microbes and in consequence organic carbon content in soil,” Silas added.

Issuing soil health cards is a three-year undertaking and a fund of Rs 38lakh has been allotted for the purpose, said agriculture division officials. For this, that they had accrued 26,593 soil samples from as many grids from 12 blocks of the district.

Through this initiative, 1,10,000 farm families (farmer families cultivating on a work of land) would be benefitted, said officials. The cards would be legitimate just for one crop yr and farmers would have to get their soil examined for the following yr.

When NewsTread visited the soil trying out laboratory on Monday, an AAO and lab technicians have been trying out soil samples. “We nonetheless have around 2,000 samples to finish our goal. We would finish it by means of this month-end,” said the AAO.

Silas said under the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, the dep. has been selling using farmyard manure such as cow-dung and compost and green manure such as solar hemp and dhaincha that are wealthy in nitrogen. He said that they had stopped recommending chemical fertilizers.

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