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4 child marriages stopped in Trichy villages

By: Ok Samabath Kumar
TRICHY: Child marriages that were set to happen on Sunday at four puts round Trichy district was once stopped through district social welfare department with the assistance of NGO and police on Saturday night. All the four ladies, who were 16-year-old, were school dropouts and were set to be married to grooms double their age.

Trichy-based NGO, Sevai, which runs Childline – 1098, received nameless calls with important inputs on child marriages scheduled in Thuvarankurichi, Musiri, Thottiyam and Pullambadi of Trichy district.

Members of Sevai alerted district social welfare officer, Trichy, in line with which four groups were shaped with police personnel to stop those marriages.

Teams reached out to the four households on Saturday night and rescued two kids. While they were despatched to government-run houses, two different ladies will probably be rescued through Sunday night time.

Two were being raised through unmarried parents and their family cited poverty as the principle reason why for getting them married.

While parents were unable to look after those ladies, I Murali Kumar, mission director Sevai NGO stated that the family were desperate to get them married with out even printing invitation playing cards.

Parents of all the four ladies were summoned to appear before child welfare committee (CWC) on Monday.

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