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26-yr-old MBA's head severed after bike crash

KOLKATA: A 26-year-old MBA graduate, who had set to work at an IT company simply two weeks ago, died a dreadful loss of life on Monday night time after his head got severed from the torso when he crashed into the railings of Zeerut Bridge whilst riding a motorbike with a friend on their way to a Saraswati idol immersion.

According to witnesses, Samrat Chakraborty, who was riding his friend's bike without wearing a helmet, misplaced keep watch over of the bike when a truck unexpectedly grazed previous them with a sudden honk and he rammed instantly into the iron railings on the bridge reverse Taj Bengal Hotel round 11.45pm.

"We were riding at a moderate speed when the truck suddenly honked past us and Samrat lost control of the bike. The bike rammed straight into the railings. I fell on the road and as I stood up after a while, I found Samrat's torso hanging from the railing like a shirt hangs on a hook. The sight was so gory that I lost my sense immediately," stated Amit Mondal, who was riding pillion with Samrat.

Samrat was part of a 30-member group who had left the Chetla Hat Road neighbourhood on a matador and a couple of bikes to participate in an immersion procession at Gwalior Ghat. "He was a very safe biker. But on Monday, he was not driving his own bike but the one owned by Amit. It is possible that he was not comfortable driving Amit;s bike. He was the only son of his parents and the sole earning member of the family," stated Sanjay Chakraborty, Samrat's youth friend who was on the matador.

The sight of Samrat's torso placing from the railing left a number of of his pals and other motorists sick. "Three of our friends lost sense while attempting to retreive his body. We called the cops but they arrived very late and it took five policemen to drag his body out of the railing. Even while he was being taken to the hospital, most of us could not accompany him, such was the gory sight," stated another friend whilst standing out of doors the SSKM morgue on Tuesday.

NewsTread on Tuesday visited Chetla Hat Road and located Samrat's mother crying inconsolably simply out of doors their house whilst his father was bedridden inside of. "He had joined a new job just two weeks ago and was extremely excited about his new profile. I still cannot believe he died such a painful death," Samrat's mother stated.

Samrat had finished his MBA from Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology & Management in Patuli and had set to work as a management data system executive at a private IT company in Bhowanipore. "Since his father had fallen sick, he was the sole bread earner of the family. The accident has destroyed the entire family," stated a neighbour.

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