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TRS leader proposes compulsory voting in polls

HYDERABAD: Former minister and Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao has proposed obligatory voting in elections. Speaking at the National Voters Awareness Day in Siddipet on Friday, he said there was once a need to amend the rules to make voting obligatory. At the programme organised via ‘Vibrants of India Kalam Organisation’ at the Government High School, a huge portray was once also achieved of the India map with the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) on it. It is alleged to be the most important portray of an EVM in the nation achieved via Vijay Kalam.

It could also be mentioned here that during the hot meeting elections, Harish Rao had the citizens to increase voting proportion no longer simply in his constituency but wherever he campaigned for the TRS. He gained with a majority of 1.19 lakh votes over his nearest rival.

Harish Rao pointed out that the voting proportion in city spaces was once low in comparison to the rural spaces and instructed that those who are 18 years of age should enrol themselves as voters and exercise their franchise. “Those in the town, particularly the skilled, should no longer be detached to elections but should participate in the election process via casting their votes,” he said.

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