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Spurious paneer made using sulphuric acid seized

MUMBAI: Around 350kg adulterated paneer processed the use of sulphuric acid was seized from a dairy in Vasai on Thursday evening.

An eight-member police workforce raided the Shukla Dairy, situated at Kaman in Vasai (east) at around 8pm.

The police workforce found sulphuric acid, skimmed milk, detergent and urea stocked in the manufacturing unit. These had been used to manufacture the paneer.

The place the place the paneer was manufactured was found to be unhygienic. The paneer was offered for Rs 350 a kg.

After the police workforce raided the dairy, the Thane Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) officials had been called. Samples of the paneer were taken and will be ship for testing.

The diary has been sealed. Police officials said that the dairy proprietor will be booked for adulteration of meals or drink, sale of noxious meals or drink and cheating.

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