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Rahul Gandhi calls Naveen Patnaik 'autocratic', a 'Modi version' in Odisha

BHUBANESWAR: Congress President Rahul Gandhi Friday termed Odisha leader minister Naveen Patnaik as a "version of Narendra Modi" in Odisha and branded each leaders as "autocratic" in opposition to whom his celebration used to be preventing.

"We are fighting against Modi in the national level and a Modi-version in Odisha," he said at an interactive programme.

Gandhi drew a parallel between Modi and Patnaik and said the Gujarat model and the Odisha model of governance run at the identical lines.

"But I must say one thing with respect to Mr Naveen Patnaik -- he is autocratic, he has centralised power but he is yet to become like Narendra Modi," he said.

Alleging that there is a connection between Modi and Patnaik, Gandhi said, "Mr Modi has leverage over Mr Patnaik. You know why - because of corruption cases."

He said, "Mr Naveen Patnaik supports Mr Narendra Modi throughout, whether it is GST, note-bandi, or in Parliament in different bills."

Asked about his targets, Gandhi said on the nationwide level it is to offer voice to the people of India and in Odisha it is to offer voice to the people of the state.

"My target is to take Odisha out of one-man bureaucratic regime and hand it to the people of Odisha," he said on the interplay held earlier than a Congress rally at Tamando at the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, which he addressed.

Continuing to attract parallels, Gandhi said, "The Gujarat and the Odisha model run on the same lines. Industrialists of the state fund the marketing of the CM and the CM hands over power of the state to bureaucrats. We don't want a bureaucratic dictatorship. We want a democratic state."

The best difference between Modi and Patnaik is that while the top minister "is filled with hate", the executive minister is not, he said.

Gandhi claimed that Modi and Patnaik have a "tacit understanding" between them and alluded to a host of legislations where the BJD had bailed out the Modi executive.

Gandhi's programme here coincided with the release of Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income augmentation (KALIA) scheme for small, marginal and landless farmers through the executive minister.

Slamming the BJD executive over the farmer issue, Gandhi questioned why the executive minister had failed to think about the farmers' plight right through the past 18 years, best to get up earlier than the elections.

Patnaik, he alleged, does now not believe in working the government with other folks's participation neither is he open to criticism and dialog.

Asked to remark at the Congress being out of power in Odisha for the final 20 years, Gandhi said it is going to be rejuvenated underneath the new management in the state.

The celebration used to be now not operating as a workforce previous, but because the new state and central teams are now in place issues have modified and the celebration is totally united, he asserted.

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