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Punjabi University holds five meetings in two years instead of 11 in year

PATIALA: Punjabi University, which as in line with its regulations will have to hold 11 syndicate conferences in a year, has best held 5 conferences within the last two years. According to the college government, absence of government nominees was the foremost reason behind lesser choice of conferences.

Meanwhile, wondering the running of the college government, some senior professors mentioned delays in keeping syndicate conferences had impacted a large number of university-related choices.

Taking a jibe on the functioning of the college, a senior professor, Pushpinder Singh Gill, alleged that the college government attempted to avoid wasting college participants, who have been named in inquiries marked all through the term of former officiating vice-chancellor Anurag Verma for various alleged frauds.

"The university has already postponed the decision over some of the submitted inquiries without any reason," he mentioned. Gill added that he had submitted one of the vital 16 inquiries reports over alleged frauds within the college.

"After March 2018, the next meeting was held in October, which was completely unethical. What is even worse is that decisions are now taken solely by some key members, including the VC, and no discussion takes place. In the past, a syndicate meeting would last for over two to three hours, however, recent meetings do not last for more than 15 minutes. The powers of vice-chancellor are being misused," Gill mentioned.

He mentioned that the promotions of many employees were suspended and the functioning of the college has come to standstill.

"There was no plan to hold a budget meeting earlier this month. The meeting was called in emergency, following the upcoming general elections. Even the national budget is being passed in February. The budget has to be approved by the government after it is passed by the university," the professor mentioned.

Cases related to appointment of college participants, their transfers and different crucial choices are hardly ever mentioned within the conferences - approvals on which are actually taken directly from the VC," mentioned some other senior professor.

Refuting the allegations, Registrar Punjabi University, Manjit Singh Nijjar, mentioned, "It is true that lesser choice of conferences are being held. However, we'd like key participants appointed by the government to also take part within the conferences. We are pressured to cancel the conferences within the absence of key executive participants. I've requested the VC to speak about and make a decision mandates of the price range meeting, which is scheduled to be held soon."

Last year, the college had held a syndicate meeting on January 24, March 19 and October 9. The syndicate had then authorized an increase in per thirty days salaries of assistant professors and instructors running in various constituent schools from Rs 21,600 to Rs 30,000 and from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,500, respectively. The government also allowed advantages and privileges, which are permissible to regular teachers. The salary of all classes of contractual employees, having served within the college for no less than 5 years, was also enhanced by Rs 1,000 monthly. Such employees have been also absorbed within the college after a right kind screening and verification procedure.

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