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Prepare for worst, safeguard President Xi's leadership: China's Communist Party to its cadre

BEIJING: President Xi Jinping's close aide and ideologue of the ruling Communist Party has warned the birthday party carde to prepare for the worst, ahead of the key China-US make or break talks to end the trade battle between the sector's two greatest economies, media report stated Friday.

Wang Huning, the "ideological guru" of the Communist Party of China (CPC) who may be part of the seven-member Standing Committee, the highest-ranking body of the birthday party, told the senior officers to safeguard Xi's leadership and toe the birthday party line, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported.

Xi, 65, is regarded as probably the most powerful leader after Mao Zedong, heading the birthday party, the army and the Presidency.

The CPC wrapped up a four-day study consultation on Thursday through which loads of birthday party officers from far and wide the country took phase. The assembly deliberated on risk controls which underlined the leadership's deep fear about growing exterior volatility and uncertainty amid its high-stakes trade battle with the United States, the Post reported.

Xi, Premier Li Keqiang and different most sensible birthday party officers attended the four-day assembly referred to as to discuss the existing scenario in view of the emerging strategic disagreement with the United States and the results of the commercial slowdown.

Xi and Wang both told cadres that they will have to expand "bottom-line thinking" or be prepared for the "worst-case situation", the Post reported.

"Wang identified a long list of risks faced by Beijing, urging the cadres to safeguard Xi's leadership and toe the party line. Wang also told the officials that they must follow up by showing what they had learned through 'actions and results'", it stated.

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will lead a 30-member delegation for the talks with US trade consultant Robert Lighthizer to be held on January 30-31 in Washington to barter an settlement prior to the March 1 cut-off date, failing which US President Donald Trump has threatened to slap additional tariffs on all Chinese exports to US totalling over USD 500 billion.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Thursday downplayed the possibility for a fast leap forward to unravel deep-rooted conflicts in the US-China trade talks.

"There has been a lot of anticipatory work done. But we are miles and miles away from getting a resolution," Ross stated in an interview to CNBC.

According to the legit figures released by means of China early this week, the country's economic system sank to a 28-year low remaining yr, slowing down to six.6 in keeping with cent year-on-year, less than the 6.8-per cent growth registered in 2017. China is grappling with the continued slowdown amid the present trade battle with the United States and declining exports.

Trump is hanging drive on China to bring down the USD 375 billion trade deficit by means of improving marketplace get right of entry to for US products into the country and also insisting on making improvements to coverage of highbrow assets rights (IPR).

He stated on Thursday that the United States can do with no trade deal with China.

"What we're doing with China, I think, will have a tremendous impact, if you look at the numbers that we're talking about. We'll see how that all comes out," Trump told newshounds on the White House on Thursday.

In his opening remarks on the conference on Monday, Xi had cautioned officers about risks to the country's economic stability and directed them deal with turbulence and disruptions.

Take all the vital precautionary steps and be vigilant about any risks that would jeopardise China's stability and reforms, Xi told officers.

"(We are) confronted with unpredictable international developments and a complicated and sensitive external environment. Our task at hand is to maintain stability as we continue our reform and development," Xi used to be quoted as saying.

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