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Number of voters rises in Tamil Nadu

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu has a total of 59.1 million citizens as in keeping with the general revised electoral rolls released on Thursday. There are 29.8 million women citizens, 29.2 million males and five,472 transgender citizens in the state.
The voter intercourse ratio in the state is 1,020 women citizens for 1,000 males.

The state has more choice of citizens now compared to their quantity all the way through the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and the 2016 assembly elections. In phrases of proportion, Tamil Nadu has 82% of its population as citizens due to growing old population and increase in the choice of migration.

"Eligible voters can still register their names, change their address and delete names till a date announced by the Election Commission a few days before polling for the coming Lok Sabha elections," mentioned state chief electoral officer Satyabrata Sahoo who released the general roll.

Chennai district has the very best choice of citizens in the state (38.19 lakh citizens). The Harbour assembly constituency in the Chennai has the bottom choice of citizens (1.66 lakh citizens). As many as 97 NRIs from the state have registered their names on the electoral roll.

"Special campaigns will be undertaken to register more first-time voters in the state. The campaigns will be carried out in colleges and other places," Sahoo mentioned.

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