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MIA says connect to official free Wi-Fi for better user experience

Mangaluru: The Mangalore International Airport (MIA) government have instructed passengers to use Airport Authority of India’s professional unfastened Wi-Fi to avoid sluggish speeds and connectivity problems.

MIA has instructed passengers that the airport is providing unfastened Wi-Fi from Vodafone via spouse M/s Firefly networks, where 200 mb is unfastened as much as 45 mins, whichever is earlier, after which on-line recharge is available.

Reacting to a record in NewsTread on Sunday that MIA lacks correct Wi-Fi connectivity, MIA airport director V V Rao said passengers were by means of mistake connecting to the old BSNL Wi-Fi and were facing problems. “Our technical workforce has analysed and instructed as such. If any person faces problems, they may be able to touch our terminal supervisor on a 24X7 basis,’’ he said, adding: “We have disconnected the old BSNL Wi-Fi to avoid confusion.”

He said because of this reason, some visitors were connecting to the sooner put in BSNL Wi-Fi and giving incorrect feedback. He has asked all visitors at MIA to use only the professional Wi-Fi provider by means of going online to-‘Free [email protected] by means of Vodafone’.

He additionally instructed users can higher admire unfastened Wi-Fi if they use it with auto replace in “off’’ mode as lots of the 200MB will get wasted in updating unwanted APPs on the telephone.

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