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MC house rejects plan to increase house tax

CHANDIGARH: The common house of the municipal company (MC) in its meeting on Wednesday rejected the time table to increase house tax by way of 10% every year and impose assets tax within the 13 newly-included villages.

The UT administration can now revise and impose the tax on its own in both the areas by way of the usage of its particular powers, as it did remaining yr in October by way of issuing a notification. Since the MC had gained audit objection of Rs 1 crore for now not imposing the tax well timed within the earlier incorporated villages in 2006, the home tax committee of the MC discussed both tax-related matters and recommended to convey them in the home meeting.

“When house tax was first imposed during the financial yr of 2013-2014, it was categorically discussed that the same might be revised after every year, but it never was. Some of the officials are liable as to why they remained lenient at the factor. Moreover, imposition of tax at the 13 villages is a basic requirement, as they're now beneath municipal space and their development might be executed by way of the MC,” mentioned an MC authentic.

“Since the overall house has rejected the tax, the administration will impose the tax without asking the MC by way of the usage of its particular powers, as it did just 3 months back in October 2018,” mentioned another senior officer of the MC.

As the MC had been constantly rejecting imposition of tax in five villages, incorporated within the MC in 2006, the local bodies department had imposed the tax in October 2018. The MC has began the method to incur tax quantity from them. As per file, they'd be accumulating around Rs 40 lakh to 50 lakh every year by way of those five villages.


Property tax from both commercial and residential areas is most a very powerful method of income for the civic body. During the current financial yr, the municipal company earned Rs 45 crores from assets tax. Out of the overall quantity, Rs 33 crores had come from commercial areas and the remainder from residential areas.

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