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Man snatches chain to foot son’s medical bill

COIMBATORE: A 47-year-old guy was stuck red-handed snatching a gold chain from a lady at Kuniamuthur on Tuesday. Police said Johnson Philip, of Sowripalayam, a daily guess, snatched the chain to fund the clinical expense of his unwell son.

“Around 3.15pm on Tuesday, wearing a black helmet, Philip entered the home of V Kanima, 26, and snatched her gold chain weighing 5.5 sovereigns. When he attempted break out in the course of the back gate, neighbours stuck him and handed him over to the Kunniyamuthur police,” said a police officer. During investigation, it was found that Philip’s son has been suffering from anemia and present process remedy. “He coudn’t have enough money the clinical expense and therefore attempted to thieve.”

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