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Mahamastakabhisheka: Sagar Muni reaches Kshetra

DHARMASTHALA: Acharya Sri Vardhamana Sagar Muni and his team of disciples arrived at Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala - forward of Mahamastakabhisheka at Dharmasthala in Karnataka's Dakshina Kannada district on February nine - to a grand reception on Thursday.

D Veerendra Heggade, dharmadhikari and different participants of Mahamastakabhisheka setting up committee, gained them at the primary entrance of the temple and took them in a grand procession to Chandranath basadi where they will be housed.

In his benedictions, the acharya said dharma is for betterment of all beings and offers peace and tranquillity. Implementing dharma brings about betterment of the soul, the acharya, who had darshan on Sri Chandranath Swami and witnessed pooja introduced to the deity, said there may be basic equality for people without reference to their faith at the kshetra. “This (Dharmasthala) is the land of dharma and treats everybody alike,” the acharya averred.

Religious rituals of each faith are other. Non-violence (ahimsa) is the most productive dharma, and all will have to give significance to this guideline of life. Bhagwan Mahavir Swami gave amicable solutions to various problems along with his outlook to life. “Veerendra Heggade installed idol of Lord Bahubali in reverence to needs of his mom Rathnamma and it is our good fortune to witness Mahamastakabhisheka as in step with rituals set down each 12-years,” he said.

Heggade who gained the acharya and his team said the Kshetra is blessed with the coming of the seer. The acharya had led and guided preparations for the previous two Mastakabhisheka held at the Kshetra, he said whilst inquiring for the seer to take action for the third anointment match of the monolith. The blessings and guidance of the acharya, identified for his endurance, regulate and tolerance will without a doubt be certain that the luck of the anointment match, he famous.

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