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KMC looking for keys to enter damaged sari store

KOLKATA: Six days on, officials of the KMC structures division are nonetheless searching for a bunch of keys to open the locked doors of a sari store housed in Gurudas Mansion. Without get right of entry to to this portion of the construction, the civic crew is not with the ability to assess the wear and tear the hearth had caused to the 74-year-old structure.

According to a senior KMC structures division reliable, a crew of engineers from the borough workplace had already surveyed the portion that properties Traders Assembly. The blaze has broken a number of portions of the shop, including its ceiling, picket stairs and beams. “We want to take a 2d take a look at the structural steadiness after all debris are cleared from Traders Assembly. But we're in point of fact nervous about the portion that properties every other prominent sari store. The doors are locked and lets now not input the shop. So we haven't any thought what lies inside of,” stated a civic reliable. He added that the door used to be nonetheless locked because the owners had been most likely but to settle insurance claims.

The reliable, on the other hand, stated that if needed, the civic frame would spoil open the lock to assess the extent of structural harm. “The construction is located in a densely populated and high commercial space. We can’t take a possibility,” stated a senior civic reliable.

Owners of the locked sari store may just now not be contacted on Friday.

On Friday, a crew of KMC engineers visited the residential part of Gurudas Mansion. Sources indicated that a portion of the ground-floor ceiling and pillars have developed cracks. The forensics had earlier stated that the landing and staircase adjoining the locked sari store had received extensive harm and needed quick corrections. The KMC crew will post a file through Tuesday, along side ideas to make stronger the structural steadiness of the construction.

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