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Kejriwal ruined Delhi, claims BJP's Vijay Goel

NEW DELHI: Union minister Vijay Goel on Sunday alleged that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had ruined the national capital and the AAP government was the worst ever in Delhi. Goel began a mass movement in opposition to Kejriwal's alleged "misrule and false promises" made to the people of Delhi.

According to a remark, Goel at the side of Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari and other leaders introduced the movement by raising slogans like "Kejriwal Bhagao Delhi Bachao".

"Goel expressed concern over Delhi's worsening situation and said that Kejriwal has ruined Delhi. His government is the worst government ever in the history of Delhi," the remark learn.

Tiwari handed over a 'gada' (mace) to Goel, announcing that it was a symbol of unity and a memento in opposition to "corrupt" Kejriwal and his government who were dividing society on caste traces.

He claimed that Delhi had develop into the most polluted town in the world and large visitors jams had severely affected the lifetime of its citizens.

"The Kejriwal government has not taken any steps to deal with this chaos. In the last four years of his government, neither any development took place nor they have built any new hospitals or colleges as promised by Kejriwal," he claimed.

He alleged that hospices were in a bad situation and patients were suffering because of the state government's apathy and negligence.

"Delhiites have been cheated in the name of mohalla clinics. The project which was touted to provide health care to the sick is in need of a miraculous cure as there is no medicines and doctors. Public transport remains stuck in old time frame as no initiatives has been taken to ameliorate the woes of the public," he claimed.

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