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Kangeyam bulls get trained for jallikattu

TIRUPUR: It’s that time of the year when Kangeyam bulls are being trained for the bull taming sport. And the western region of the state, the place rekla race is more popular, isn’t an exception. With the Alagumalai jallikattu across the corner, many people in Tirupur, Coimbatore and Erode districts have began to prepare their bulls for the development, which might see the debut of around 40 Kangeyam bulls from the region.
Since the region is understood for rekla race, there aren’t many local experts to train the bulls for the taming sport. Hence, many bull homeowners have sought assist from their counterparts in the central and southern portions of the state, the place jallikattu is popular, to train the bulls.

There is, however, no dearth of Kangeyam bulls in the region as both farmers and businessmen rear them to take the custom ahead. The bulls are frequently used for rekla race, due to their unbelievable high quality of endurance. Though the drought-resistant breed is well suited for rekla race, some people rear them for jallikattu in districts the place the sport is popular.

While Erode has already hosted its first-ever jallikattu, Tirupur and Coimbatore are all set to host the second edition of the development quickly. And people in these districts are eager to get their bulls into the act.

“My family has been rearing Kangeyam breed for plenty of a long time and now we have around 40 bulls, including 10 eligible ones, now. As jallikattu has began in our region, now we have for the primary time began to train the bulls for the sport and they'll be sport for the Alagumalai jallikattu this is scheduled for February three,” said Vijay Chinnasamy, 37, of Sulur in Coimbatore.

Another bull proprietor, S Mohan Kumar, 42, of Saanarpalayam in Tirupur, said even though they have been keen on the bull taming sport, they hadn’t taken their bulls to the central and southern districts for the sport due to lengthy distance. “But now, the development has come near us and we are coaching 3 Kangeyam bulls for Alagumalai Jallikattu.”

R Veeramani, caretaker of one in every of Kumar’s bulls, said the bull used to be being trained in a coconut grove at Sanaarpalayam. “The ultimate two are being trained at Chathrapatti in Madurai district.

M Krishnakumar, of Perundurai in Erode district, said he would field six Kangeyam bulls for Alagumalai jallikattu. “Our bulls would swim, which could also be important part of the learning, twice per week. The common coaching contains allowing the bulls to tilt the soil or attack the tamers.”

Pointing out that every breed has its personal importance and high quality, T Rajesh, president of Trichy-based Veera Vilayattu Meetpu Kazhagam, said, “It can be rare to discover a Kangeyam bull to accomplish well in jallikattu like their counterparts Pulikulam, Umblacherry, Theni Maramadu and Trichy Nattumadu, which might be essentially the most most popular breeds for the sport. But some Kangeyam bulls could terrorise the tamers. With good enough coaching, they may well be ferocious than every other breed.”

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