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Hyd: Have a fancy number plate? Cop may quiz you

HYDERABAD: With the expanding threat of abnormal quantity plates and after a chain of particular drives, visitors police has stressed that tampering the registered quantity plates can be seen moderately significantly and criminal cases can be booked in opposition to offenders. In reality in a up to date tweet visitors police stated that the offences- tampering/ changing the registered quantity plates and using without quantity plates are a serious danger to national security.

“In many cases other people seeking to steer clear of challans because of visitors offences resort to tampering but there were past instances within the city the place criminals with belongings offences had altered the quantity plates. Sometimes such criminals were discovered transferring around with quantity plates which were lined as neatly. It could also a be larger criminal doing this,” defined Anil Kumar, Additional commissioner of police (visitors).

As according to the tweet via Hyderabad Traffic Police, “If you tamper registered no plate of car we presume that you are eager about any twist of fate/crime or you are trying to evade visitors challans. Tampering of registered quantity plates is a serious danger to National Security. From now onwards @HYDTP e book criminal cases in opposition to violators of registered no tamperers.

The visitors police in the meantime have been focussing on the two offences in a large way since September 2018. The particular drives have already resulted in doubling up of the cases registered in opposition to violators during 2018 as compared to the previous years. In 2018, 71,483 cases were registered for incorrect quantity plates as in opposition to 36207 in 2017 and 14, 963 cases were registered for having no quantity plates whilst 6814 were recorded for the violation in 2017.

During the first 24 days this yr a total of 6288 cases were recorded for using vehicles having abnormal or incorrect quantity plates whilst 1647 cases were recorded for using vehicles without quantity plates. Apart from the goal of curtailing crimes, another reason for the focus on these offences stated that professional is that it will carry in regards to the standardization of the quantity plates. While this has been a long status goal and used to be the idea at the back of bringing within the High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) countrywide but many persisted to tamper quantity plates or fix a complicated quantity plate. This in turn used to be defeating the entire goal of automated quantity plate popularity (ANPR) cameras which are being installed around the city.

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