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HDMC mulls making CCTV mandatory in properties

Hubballi: Following the increase in crime rate, the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation is mulling changing building bylaws under which house owners of assets having more than 2,400sqft, residences and commercial complexes will have to install CCTV cameras.
The matter is perhaps discussed in the subsequent normal body meeting of the HDMC on Tuesday. Speaking to TOI, Mayor Sudhir Saraf showed that he would carry the issue ahead of the HDMC normal body meeting.

He stated that CCTV cameras give a sense of security to commercial complexes, apartment management and home assets house owners and prove at hand in case of untoward incidents. “The corporation has no powers to take strict action in opposition to assets house owners in the event that they don’t install cameras on their premises. To make cameras necessary for houses, exchange in bylaw was once required and the federal government has to provide approval to it. Hence, to make suitable adjustments, a resolution would be passed at the normal body meeting and the similar would be despatched to the federal government to make adjustments in the bylaws,” he stated.

As the process of fixing bylaws might take a long time, the HDMC will release an consciousness drive, Saraf stated.

HDMC commissioner C W Shakeel Ahemad stated that Hubballi-Dharwad has round five lakh houses of which 50,000 are commercial. “The HDMC is asking for commercial assets house owners to put in CCTV cameras. Property house owners shall be requested to put in CCTV after they seek advice from the building phase in search of building permission,” he stated.

Police start issuing notices

Police commissioner M N Nagaraj stated that cameras play crucial role in combating and detecting crimes. In the new incidents, police discovered that the areas the place crime was once reported weren't lined with cameras.

Police have began issuing notices to commercial complicated and building management or house owners to put in CCTV cameras. So a long way, more than 1,100 notices have been issued and the valuables house owners have already began putting in cameras.

Nagaraj additionally stated that he would take the HDMC’s assist for efficient implementation of the drive. However, HDMC officials clarified that the commissioner or police division are yet to be approached in this regard.

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