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Hattiangadi villagers travel 25 km to reach Kundapur Rural police station

UDUPI: Kundapur police station was divided into Kundapur Rural and Town police stations two years in the past. People of Hattiangadi GP house, which contains 3 villages Kaniyana, Kenchanooru, Hattiangadi and likewise Katbelthooru villagers, came below the new station limits. For some of these villagers, Kundapur Town station was 13 km away, however, to achieve the newly-created Kundapur Rural police station, they want to commute 25 km.
Moreover, the folk need to catch two buses to achieve the new police station. It is easy to achieve Kundapur, however as Kandloor is a rural house, there are less buses right here. Though individuals who have their very own vehicles can get to the new station by way of the usage of a short minimize, the deficient, aged and ladies have no selection rather than relying on buses. Hence, now the villagers need to be back within the Kundapur station limits.

Rajesh Shetty, Hattiangadi GP president, said, “Kandlooru is a religiously delicate place, therefore a police station here is a must. However, together with our gram panchayat in that station restrict is a flawed choice. We need to commute about 13 km to achieve Kundapur and from there we have to catch every other bus for approximately 12 km to achieve the station. The GP has five,600 voters and to have a police station within reach is our right. We have given a memorandum to the previous MLA in addition to our present MLA in regards to the same. We have additionally introduced the problem to the awareness of the Udupi superintendent of police.

“As in keeping with officers, every police station must come with a minimal number of villagers, therefore these villages have been integrated below the jurisdiction of the police station, even if it's a long way geographically. We have a short minimize to achieve Kandlooru after crossing a bridge, and the station is every other five km from there. However, there is not any bus provider in this route. People who've their very own automobile can get to the police station, however how will the deficient and ladies set up? It is the same with the police too. Constables who come right here on their beat patrol, additionally need to commute a protracted distance. Changing the existing system may take a very long time, and we have no idea easy methods to get the paintings executed,” he concluded.

Commenting at the same, SP Laxman Nimbargi said, “The factor has come to my realize, and a suggestion at the same will likely be submitted to the government. We will see what we can do to type out the problem” .

Kundapur police station had 30 villages below its jurisdiction earlier. In 2017, the new rural police station was formed. Currently, the rural station in Kandoolu has 17 villages below its jurisdiction while town police station has 12 villages below its jurisdiction.

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