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Gurugram building collapse: House next door caved in too, couple got out just in time

GURUGRAM: A taxi driver and his spouse had a narrow get away when the three-storey building adjacent their house in Ullawas came crashing down on Thursday. Hearing the rumble of the falling building, Dharmender awoke his dozing spouse and were given her out of the house within the nick of time. Soon afterwards, his two-room house was once crushed below the particles of the adjacent building. The couple has misplaced all their assets.
Dharmender was once getting ready for paintings when he heard the ominous noises. He stepped out of his house and saw the roof of the adjacent building come crashing down. He rushed inside of his house and located his spouse still dozing. So, he lifted his spouse into his hands and ran out of his house. “Luckily, we managed to escape at the proper time,” said Dharmender, adding that he have been thanking god for saving their lives since then.

Blaming his neighbour, Dharmender said thet despite repeated requests and warnings, Dayaram persevered to add flooring to his building. “I instructed him that he should prevent adding flooring to his building but he overlooked me. As a part of the development paintings, he have been watering the plot for the past few months, leading to damp in our house,” he said, adding that he was once satisfied to be alive but did not know the way to deal with dropping his house. It had taken him five years to construct the two rooms and ahead of that, he have been saving money for years. Now, somebody else’s negligence had destroyed it, he rued.

Dayaram, the building proprietor, was once on the brink of milk the two buffaloes he had, like on some other day, when the building collapsed. Monu Amboj, his nephew said, “He gets up at 4am and tends to the buffaloes until 5am.” Several neighbours also heard the sound of the building collapse as the homes within the space are shut to each other and the lanes setting apart them are narrow. Brij Pal, a neighbour in his 40s said, “I assumed I heard a bomb blast. When I came out of my house, I saw Dayaram untying his buffaloes and operating away with them.”

Dayaram did manage to save lots of the two buffaloes but could not save the folks staying within the building. “Everything came down like a pack of playing cards. I saw an individual throughout the building, operating down the stairs, but he didn't get out,” said Vivek Amawat, another neighbour.

Dayaram is understood within the space for renting out rooms at reasonable rates. “Right behind the house which collapsed, he has a blue-colour two-storey house. There are 35 rooms in it and he rents out the rooms at reasonable rates,” said Amawat. The seven other people, who died within the collapse, had been also staying on rent. “I and my uncle had instructed those other people to not stay in the house until its development was once complete but they didn’t listen. It’s not my uncle’s fault but the contractor’s who was once making the building,” said Monu.

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