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Gurgaon's Blue Bells Schools celebrates Republic Day

To commemorate the Republic Day annually, several faculties from Gurgaon held celebrations of their campuses. Blue Bells Public School- The entire school was soaked in patriotic fervor; scholars offered a impressive scintillating cultural programme where there was absolute best blend of songs, poem, street play and dance presentation depicting their commitment of constructing world a better position to reside through operating on global integration and peace. They offered the futuristic vision of India where all of the citizens are operating in unison to spread the message of love, brotherhood, peace and prosperity.
Republic Day celebrations at Blue Bells Public School

Blue Bells Model School The day’s court cases commenced with hoisting the pleasure of Nation -the National Flag. March previous through other properties and NCC cadets lent a impressive sight. The entire school was resplendent in the shades of tricolor with the melodious crew track ‘Kranti Ki Mashal…. that was sung through the scholars. The charming recital of the poem ‘Bharat Desh Mahaan’ through scholars of sophistication VIII enlivened the atmosphere.

Blue Bells Preparatory School To advertise confidence, bodily health and ethical values in scholars a show of Gatka and Karate was the spotlight of the day. Upholding the respect and integrity, variety and forte of India, a colourful dance on a medley of Patriotic Songs was carried out through the young patriots of our college.

Republic day celebrations at Blue Bells Preparatory School

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