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Goyal advises businesses to pay taxes ethically

NEW DELHI: Finance minister Piyush Goyal on Friday asked tax officers to refrain from being overzealous in tax administration, whilst appealing the industry to conduct industry ethically.

Addressing the Central Board of Indirect Taxes (CBIC) officers on the occasion of International Customs Day, Goyal asked the tax officers to believe crowdsourcing of comments from stakeholders as to what more could be done against adopting a taxpayer pleasant manner via the department.

Goyal, who used to be earlier this week given the additional fee of finance ministry, asked the taxmen to consider the purchasers with a perfect degree of intelligence, whilst adopting a buyer pleasant manner.

"After all, we are here to do a job, to ensure that the revenues of the government, which are rightfully due to be collected and which go to serve the poor of India, to create infrastructure, which go to develop security for our borders should not be lost. No revenue should be lost," he mentioned.

The govt in previous couple of years has made an "honest attempt" to make the tax administration taxpayer pleasant, and labored against regularly bringing down tax rates, and make compliance more straightforward.

"At this stage, I can ... appeal to the business community that it is time to do business ethically and straight. Those days are gone when there was era of very high taxes, very high import duties, very high indirect and direct taxes, which caused people to look at different avenues to skip taxes," Goyal mentioned.

Stating that actions of a few other folks causes agony to a far better set of other folks, the Minister mentioned, it is not that each businessman is cheating on taxes.

He also emphasized that it is not all the time that govt bureaucrats or other folks in power, all are engaged in wrongdoing however it's the "few black sheep", who motive the generalisation in the society or in the public mind that things aren't going right, he mentioned.

"Very continuously in the over enthusiasm of tax administration, we turn into overzealous also and that causes a large number of agony, in particular to the fair taxpayer.

"Similarly, when other folks discuss administration of different departments of the government, forms, it is very unfortunate that every one are brushed in the similar language,” Goyal mentioned.

Asking the tax officers to collectively recognise duty, Goyal mentioned "each one of us as an individual represents 80,000 officers, each one of us will have to recognise that my actions are going to reflect on the image of 79,999 colleagues".

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