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Government announces subsidies for shade house and polyhouse farming

COIMBATORE: In order to encourage more farmers to take in color space and polyhouse farming, the horticulture department has announced subsidies. Officials say the farming techniques can offer protection to vegetation from many bugs and supply alternatives for temperature regulate.

Uma, deputy director of horticulture, mentioned, “A farmer can avail a subsidy of Rs 355 per sq. of color internet and may just purchase as much as four,000sq.. For polyhouses, a farmer may just get Rs 467.50 per sq. and will avail the subsidy for a total of 4,000sq.. Shade nets and polyhouses, if maintained smartly, can ultimate for two to a few years.”

Besides, the dept showcased vegetables cultivated by color space and polyhouse methods at a workshop to coach farmers on “hi-tech cultivation” just lately. “A color internet is only a white internet, like what we use in our homes, however erected like a tent over the cultivated vegetation,” mentioned dean of horticulture vegetation, TNAU, C Pugazhendhi. “As this is a confined house, a internet allows farmers to regulate insect attacks to a just right extent and makes pest regulate measures like yellow sticky entice simpler,” he added.

Meanwhile, TNAU may be promoting a brand new approach to cultivate brinjal by grafting a brinjal crop stem with a sundakkai rootstock. “While a mean life of brinjal crop is four months, while you graft it with sundakkai’s rootstock, the crop’s existence extends to 12 months,” Pugazhendhi mentioned.

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