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Farmers: Let us buy agri equipment from vendors of choice

Coimbatore: Farmers want the state government to shop for sponsored agriculture apparatus from the department stores of their selection, instead from those specified by the government.

In a petition to the collector on Thursday, the Tamil Nadu Farmers Association stated that they must be allowed to shop for apparatus like drip irrigation, tractors, motors, pump units and poly-houses from distributors of their selection, moderately than the distributors specified by the government.

“The Central government had announced a subsidy and passes it directly to the state government. But the state government says we will avail the subsidy provided that we go to the distributors they've tied up with,” affiliation president S Palaniswamy mentioned. “But, the opposite distributors available in the market are promising to do a greater task or provide us upper high quality for the same or even a lesser price,” he mentioned.

Subsidies must be credited in their bank accounts, permitting them to opt for a vendor of their selection, the farmers mentioned. “Instead of paying the seller the subsidy, why can’t they pay it into our accounts without delay?” Palaniswamy mentioned. “If they are afraid of us misusing it, they may be able to pay after we have now purchased the apparatus with our money or a mortgage. Get it verified via the agriculture or horticulture officer and then transfer the subsidy into our accounts. The machine in place is to verify the distributors specified by them pay the kickbacks and commissions for the business supplied.”

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