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'Cut on motorcycle tariffs by India fair deal'

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has said the decision via India remaining 12 months to cut the tariffs on bikes via part was a fair deal, but rued the top duties on American whisky.

At a White House tournament on the Reciprocal Trade Act on Thursday, Trump flashed out a green colour board that had examples of non-reciprocal tariffs from various nations.

"Look at motorcycles as an example. In India, it was 100 per cent. I got them down to 50 per cent, just by talking for about two minutes. It's still 50 per cent vs 2.4 per cent (on imported motorcycles to the US). Again, other than that, it's a very fair deal," the president said.

Trump identified to the top tariff via India on import of wines. "India has a very high tariff. They charge a lot of tariffs. You look at whisky... India gets 150 per cent, we get nothing."

India had remaining February slashed the customs responsibility on imported bikes like Harley-Davidson to 50 per cent after Trump referred to as it "unfair" and threatened to extend the tariff on import of Indian bikes to the US.

In his interplay with lawmakers on the White House, Trump said the Reciprocal Trade Act would give the US staff a fair and level-playing box in opposition to different nations.

The US, he alleged, had been taken advantage of via many countries all over the place the sector. "They fee us tariffs and taxes, the likes of which nobody has any understanding. They're so top and so unfair! They even have limitations where we can't go in. They have trade limitations that make it impossible for us to sell our farm merchandise and our different merchandise.

"Whether they think we are really nice or not so sensible, they have got been doing it for plenty of, many years and we wish to end it. Many of these are friends, many of these are allies... but, infrequently, allies profit from us much more so than our non-allies," he said.

Trump said the Reciprocal Trade Act would lend a hand to unravel the problem as soon as and for all. "Whatever the tariff for a international country is, we position the similar tariff on us."

"What's going to occur, I feel, from a realistic standpoint, is that they won't be charging us tariffs anymore. We'll see. Or we will fee them a lot. Tremendous amount of cash," he said.

The Reciprocal Trade Act will likely be an implausible tool to bring international nations to the negotiating desk and to get them to decrease tariffs on US merchandise and likewise to get rid of their trade limitations, the president asserted.

America can't lose virtually USD 800 billion on trade like has been finished for many years, he said.

Congressman Sean Duffy, who introduced the Reciprocal Trade Act, has granite from India amongst his world checklist of non-reciprocal tariffs.

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