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Citizens irked with new Demu timings

BENGALURU: The Whitefield-Banaswadi suburban Demu teach will start operating on February 3, however many commuters are disappointed with the timings of the teach. It will start from Whitefield at 7:50am and achieve Banaswadi at 8:30am.

Citizen teams and day-to-day commuters on the stretch argue that the teach will have to run in the reverse course in the morning as it's going to help the IT crowd or else it is as good as operating an empty teach. On the go back adventure, the teach will go away Banaswadi at 6:25pm and achieve Whitefield at 7:20pm. The teach has stops at Hoodi, KR Puram and Byappanahalli.

Though citizens were pushing for a more intensive suburban rail system, they're not up to happy with this move, mentioning that the trains will have to run in the opposite direction for greater efficacy, as many of the crowd travels in opposition to the IT companies in Whitefield. Bengaluru Central MP PC Mohan tweeted, “I am glad to announce the inauguration of a #SubUrban DEMU from #Whitefield to Banaswadi on Sunday, Feb 3... I thank railway minister @PiyushGoyal for helping #Bengaluru commuters (sic).”

Narendranath, a Twitter user, mentioned, “Sir those will have to be in the reverse order, as the gang moves from Banaswadi aspect in opposition to Whitefield aspect in the morning and the reverse in the night, this is not going to help.”

Citizens’ schedule 4 Blr tweeted, “Seems like a blunder! The @drmsbc of @SWRRLY has no clue about foundation vacation spot of passengers? Its entering into the opposite direction of the visitors... 2d, path falls short, to be useful... DESIGNED TO FAIL? Then declare there is not any call for!??? A devoted EMU push-pull that just shuttles between Whitefield and Byappanahalli, each and every part hour, all the day, sir, that shall be a huge boon. Can you do that a lot?”

“I’m trying to see if the order will also be reversed, and if the teach can come from Banaswadi and move to Whitefield. I can be in Delhi on Thursday, and can talk to the railway board to peer if we will run the trains in the reverse order, and can know if that is imaginable by means of next week,” the MP mentioned.

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