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Chennai: Teenager behind wheel leaves 2 injured

CHENNAI: A teen drove a car via slender streets of Washermenpet, banging into other folks and cars on Sunday night. The mayhem left two other folks injured and ten cars damaged.

A first-year faculty scholar from Madurai, the boy had come to Chennai on Saturday to satisfy considered one of his kinfolk. On Sunday, he instructed his kinfolk that he knew driving and that he would park the auto outside the compound. Relatives instructed police that they refused to provide him the auto, but he took it away once they were away.

The boy, who obviously did not know driving, lost control of the vehicle and crashed against a couple of cars close to his space. When some other folks on bikes shouted and chased him, he panicked and attempted to speed away via Elaya Street, Sundaram Pillai Nagar and Vaidyanathan bridge.

“He went via slender stretches, destructive bikes parked all alongside the street,” mentioned a police officer. “He drove for no less than to 2km.” A CCTV pictures recovered from Elaya street showed the maroon colour car zipping throughout a street and destructive a motor motorbike. A few motorists were seen chasing the auto. After crossing the bridge, he did not understand how to bring the vehicle to a halt and rammed into a tree, destructive the vehicle.

People in the end stuck him and bashed him up. A visitors policeman rescued him from the angry crowd. Washermenpet visitors investigation police booked him for rash driving. He was later let off on bail.

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