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Bennett University students add zing to Greater Noida’s Foundation Day

Students of Bennett University enthralled the audience with their cultural efficiency at the 28th Foundation Day of Greater Noida organized by way of Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) held at the City Park recently. Over 30 students gave various kinds of dance and track performances in line with themes, together with formative years empowerment, Republic Day and Lord Krishna. The event began with a solo kathak efficiency by way of a scholar. “We opened the event with a kathak efficiency in line with the events of Lord Krishna’s life. I had been making ready for it since every week. It was a great feeling to perform amid a large audience of Greater Noida, who had come to observe the efficiency,” stated Shreya Chakraborty, a second-year scholar of Mass Communication at Bennett University. The efficiency was adopted by way of a mono act by way of a third-year scholar of Engineering. “My act was themed round formative years empowerment. It talked about how the formative years of our country has the potential to bring about a exchange and revolution provided that we teach them appropriately and instill religion in them,” stated Rishi Garg, a third-year BTech scholar. Narendra Bhooshan, Chief Executing Officer, GNIDA, stated, “Greater Noida has a large number of students learning right here and therefore the main center of attention of conserving a cultural event was to draw people from this age group. The performances by way of students of Bennett University had been extensively liked as it incorporated conventional as well as trendy components.”
Hula hooping like a pro

Through mono acting, Bennett University students highlighted problems like formative years empowerment

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