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An Israeli company claims to have found 100% cure for cancer

At a time when cancer is spreading at a disturbingly rapid pace across the globe, an Israeli biotech company have claimed that they're going to have the treatment for this fatal disease through 2020.

Although various kinds of remedies are available out there, however nothing promises to treatment this fatal disease 100%. But Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd (AEBi), founded in 2000 from the ITEK Weizmann generation incubator has made daring claims to treatment the disease totally.

In an interview to a leading daily, Aridor, chairman of the board of AEBi, has asserted that their cancer treatment can be effective from the very first day and will final for a few weeks. Additionally, their drugs will have “no or minimum side-effects”. He additional stated that the treatment for cancer can be available at a much lower cost than other remedies available out there.

The remedy which the biotech company calls MuTaTo (multi-target toxin) is in line with SoAP generation, which belongs to the phage show team of technologies.

CEO of the biotech company Dr Ilan Morad stated they started with identifying why other cancer-related drugs and remedy don't seem to be running and then they regarded for an effective way to counter it.

Most cancer drugs assault a selected target or at the cancer cell, however MuTaTo attacks the cancer cell's receptors from three other instructions.

“Instead of attacking receptors one by one, we assault receptors three at a time. Not even cancer can mutate three receptors at one time," stated Morad, to the daily newspaper.

After a a success mice path, Morad stated that the company is now making ready to take a look at drugs on humans via this 12 months. Following this, they are going to introduce the drugs out there through subsequent 12 months.

The declare made through the biotech company sounds very exciting when around 18. 1 million new circumstances of cancer are being identified every year across the globe.

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