‘Brexit’s barking’, say UK dog owners in ‘Wooferendum March’

'Brexit's barking', say UK dog owners in 'Wooferendum March' thumbnail

LONDON: In an unusal protest, hundreds of dogs and their owners marched through central London in a mass “Wooferendum March” to call for a second vote on Brexit, amid fears that leaving the European Union will harm the UK’s estimated 54 million pets. The organizers of the so-called ‘Wooferendum March’, which culminated in a rally in Parliament Square on Sunday, said they were “howling on behalf of the millions of people in the UK who believe Brexit is a huge mistake”. Labour MP Stella Creasy and actor Peter Egan were…

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Do you know what ‘helicopter parenting’ means?

Do you know what 'helicopter parenting' means? thumbnail

Do you hover around your children in everything they do and guide them? Beware, it can negatively affect your kid’s ability to manage his or her emotions and behaviour later, and may also affect his or her academics, according to researchers. Children whose parents showed “helicopter parenting behaviour”, which means constantly guiding children by telling him or her what to play with, how to play with a toy, how to clean up after playtime and being too strict or demanding, became defiant, others were apathetic and some showed frustration. These…

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