Speculation rife that North Korea’s Kim visited Beijing

BEIJING: The regular news media, as well as social media, were agog with widespread speculation on Tuesday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had quietly slipped into Beijing and met senior Chinese leaders. There was no official confirmation, with the Chinese foreign ministry saying it had not heard anything on the issue. North Korea, too, was silent on the issue. But analysts said Kim may have sent a delegation of senior officials instead of visiting himself. Reports from the US quoted defence secretary Jim Mattis replying to a question about…

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Christopher Wylie: Pink-haired whistleblower at heart of Facebook scandal

Christopher Wylie: Pink-haired whistleblower at heart of Facebook scandal thumbnail

LONDON: Instantly recognisable with his pink hair and nose ring, Christopher Wylie claims to have helped create data analysis company Cambridge Analytica before turning whistleblower and becoming “the face” of the crisis engulfing Facebook. Carole Cadwalladr, the Guardian journalist who worked with Wylie for a year on the story, described him as “clever, funny, bitchy, profound, intellectually ravenous, compelling. A master storyteller. A politicker. A data science nerd.” The bespectacled 28-year-old describes himself as “the gay Canadian vegan who somehow ended up creating Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool,” referring to…

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